Monday, April 2, 2012

Are you a lumberjack? Are you a hipster? What are you?!

So until I have time to write about something more meaningful I figured I would touch upon something I noticed about the Southbay.

It seems that flannel/plaid is one fashion which is still going strong in Southern California. Night after night, weekend or weekday, I have noticed an alarming percentage (it has to be around 50%) of men wearing these styles. When I think of either of these checkered patterns I only think of them in two contexts:
  1. Lumberjacks
  2. Hipsters
Allow me to demonstrate the difference: 

Lumberjacks: Often large bearded men identifiable by their manliness, their profession and the axe they are carrying. Think-The Brawny Man: 

Hipsters- Men who are also often bearded but lack a certain aspect of manliness because of their tight pants, thick rimmed glasses and inherent attitude of thinking that they are more enlightened than you because they watch TED talks, drink PBR and listen to all the best bands before you do.  

However, the strange thing is, Men (or boys) of the Southbay seem to fall into neither of these segments nor are they some hybrid breed of lumberjack-hipsters (hipster-jacks?). They are mostly normal guys(future post about Southbay "bros" to come) who just have flannel/plaid as a go-to fashion. It just struck me, I feel like LA never left the 90's....and maybe it never did. Afterall, Sizzler is still going strong here too.